‘One vote disparity’ can be improved with state-of-the-art algorithms

Our article in Nikkei Business on reducing Japanese malapportionment was released!

Kosuke Imai https://imai.fas.harvard.edu/ , Kento Yamada , Rei Yatsuhashi , Sho Miyazaki


We were invited to contribute to Nikkei Business (Japan)! We show that the SMC redistricting simulation algorithm can be used to reduce malapportionment without splitting more municipalities, when compared to the districting plan proposed by the commission. https://business.nikkei.com/atcl/gen/19/00351/092100048/


For attribution, please cite this work as

Imai, et al. (2022, Sept. 30). ALARM Project: 'One vote disparity' can be improved with state-of-the-art algorithms. Retrieved from https://alarm-redist.github.io/posts/2022-09-30-nikkei/

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