50statesSimulations in Nature Scientific Data

Now published at Nature Scientific Data.

Cory McCartan https://www.corymccartan.com (Department of Statistics, Harvard University) , Christopher T. Kenny https://www.christophertkenny.com/ (Department of Government, Harvard University) , Tyler Simko https://tylersimko.com/ (Department of Government, Harvard University) , George Garcia III (Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) , Kevin Wang https://scholar.harvard.edu/kevinwang (Harvard College) , Melissa Wu (Harvard College) , Shiro Kuriwaki https://www.shirokuriwaki.com/ (Department of Political Science, Yale University) , Kosuke Imai https://imai.fas.harvard.edu/ (Departments of Government and Statistics, Harvard University)

We’re excited to share that our article, Simulated redistricting plans for the analysis and evaluation of redistricting in the United States, is now available through Nature Scientific Data. This is a great step in making alternative redistricting plans more available for the public and researchers.

Check out the alarmdata R package for some helpers for working with this data!

Want more information? Take a look at the blog post that accompanied the release of the original working paper or an early use of this data.


For attribution, please cite this work as

McCartan, et al. (2022, Nov. 14). ALARM Project: 50statesSimulations in Nature Scientific Data. Retrieved from https://alarm-redist.github.io/posts/2022-11-01-50statessimulations/

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